Global Missions Workshop

Global Missions Workshop

Sotchi Hill, Secondary School Hall, Blantyre City, Malawi

time 9:00 am

August 17, 2017


August 19, 2017

The tragedy of this century of exploding population is that three of four people have never heard with understanding the way of life in Christ and, even more tragic, half the people of the world cannimg_20161015_085652img_20161015_155007ot hear because there is no one near enough to tell them.

One of every two persons on planet earth lives in a tribe or culture or language group that has no evangelising Church at all. If someone does not go in from the outside, they will not have any way of knowing about Jesus.

Join us as we prayerfully deliberate on the strategies to reach the Unreached People Groups in Africa, Redefining Missions in African Context, Globalisation and Migration, Indigenisation and Syncretism, Passionate Evangelism and Church Planting !