We know it will be difficult for us to fulfil our mandate within our scope of operation without effectively recruiting, training and sending missionaries and Christian labourers into the fields. Therefore, the programmes listed below are some of the tools in our hands to reawaken the Church and equip God’s people for the harvest of souls.


Just as iron sharpens iron, a person sharpens the character of his friend. Proverbs 27:17, CJB
It is our candid opinion that the Global Missions Movement cannot succeed without the cooperation of the local Church. The local Church must be part and parcel of the world wide mission movement in order for our collective vision for reaching the ends of the earth to succeed.
It is clear that New Generation Churches in Africa know too little about the Global Missions Movement; and apathy towards missions is stealthily creeping into well established and structured Churches that once spearheaded evangelism and missions in the continent.
Therefore, I-SHARPENS is a three day mission conference designed to create awareness of missions and re-awaken interest and passion for missions in the Church. The aims of this conference among all other things are to help the local Church setup or revive their mission board or department, raise prayer and financial support for missions and mobilise the whole Church for evangelism.


AWAKE is a three day conference planned for students in tertiary institutions in Africa. From the era of William Carey, the pioneer of modern missions till this time, students have been the Gospel Army used by God as a catalyst in advancing His kingdom.
Particularly, in Africa, students’ movements like NIFES of Nigeria, GHAFES of Ghana, ZAFES of Zambia, FOCUS of East Africa and others have been platforms in our campuses used by God to recruit young, dynamic and resilient missionaries for the expansion of missions in Africa.
Some of these students are scattered all over the world doing God’s work and some have even founded mission agencies of great reputation. Therefore, in cognisance of this, AWAKE  conference is strategically organised in collaboration with Christian student bodies in campuses to revive, persuade and recruit potential missionaries for missions in Africa.

And Jesus said unto him, No man, having put his hand to the plough, and looking back, is FIT for the kingdom of God. Luke 9:62

FIT is one month intensive training programme designed for the labouring and aspiring missionaries. It runs from 8am-3pm (Monday-Thursday) and 8am-12noon (Friday). It is practical, soundly biblical, and it is meant to attract interested aspirants from different Christian backgrounds, groups, associations and Bible believing denominations.
Our main aims are to impart in the participants the hunger and burden for missions, arouse the passion for cross cultural evangelism, instill courage and faith to finish the cause and stimulate interest for spiritual growth. It is not a theological, a degree or diploma awarding programme, but a certificate of completion will be issued to the participants who complete the programme.
The teachings will be practical, analytical, well-grounded and interactive in nature. It will provoke a desire to seek the Bible truth as against human philosophy, secular humanism, New Age doctrines and false teachings being purported today. It will be a time to widely explore the biblical view on missions, the African missionary, proven strategies for effective mission in Africa and keys to mobilising funds and resource persons (missionaries) for the work.
The participants will be engaged with the teachings of the Bible in all its gravity, accuracy, simplicity and power. They will be exposed to the world perspective on missions in general and Africa in particular, missions statistics and the urgency to reach the lost.
It will also present to the labourers the latest techniques of bridging gaps in reaching the hostile, uneducated, unconcerned, socially segregated individuals with inspiring topics and lessons spiced with the stories of life and exploits of past and current veteran missionaries.

Resource persons
Resource persons for this training are drawn from the cream of the leadership of AMR as well as other tested Christian leaders with proven ministries and exemplary lives.

Recommended Reading
Each subject to be covered will have some set of recommended Christian literature which every participant will read during the programme.

Opportunities for service
The participants will be given the opportunity to practically experience what they are taught and may even be sent out for a Church planting.

FIT is held in different nations in Africa.
Coordinator FIT
Email: info@afrimissionrenaissance.org
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