Pray For South Sudan


| South Sudan was formed in 2011 after years of ongoing conflict between the Arab Muslims in the northern areas and the mostly indigenous Christian southerners. Breaking point was finally reached and on 9 July 2011, a new African nation was born when Sudan officially separated into two independent states.

The southern region became known as South Sudan, and for Christians, the new border was seen to create a clear divide between persecution and freedom. Many South Sudanese had been living in the north for many years, having fled there as refugees during the long civil war fought between the Sudanese government and the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement.


East-Central Africa, south of Sudan, north of Uganda and Kenya, west of Ethiopia

2.2 million

Predominantly Christian (no official statistics available)


  • For the leadership of this young country – that they will always seek God’s will.
  • For the 100 000’s of people who have been chased from their homes, who now live as refugees in their own country.
  • For healing for those who have suffered pain, trauma and loss as a result of this long term conflict.
  • For a deepening growth and strengthening of the Church.